Vazil Hudák

Vice-President, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

Personal Information

Vazil Hudák currently serves as the Vice- President of the European Investment Bank. He has served as advisor to the Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic and Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic since June 2015 until March 2016. Before his assignment, he was State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and also Representative of the Slovak Republic on the Board of Governors in the European Stability Mechanism. Before that, he was Industry Head for Public Sector of Eastern Europe in J.P. Morgan Chase. Vazil Hudák started his professional career at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czechoslovakia in 1990. Next year he began his 15-year tenure in Citigroup as Vice-President for cooperation with public institutions of Central and Eastern European countries. He studied at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in Moscow and Harvard Business School in Boston.