Gabriel Szabó

CEO of SLOVNAFT, Bratislava

Personal Information

Mr. Szabó graduated from the Faculty of Economy & Business in Košice at the Bratislava University of Economics, in 1999. His career started in 2000 at Kovohuty, a.s. He joined SLOVNAFT, a.s., in 2001, working as an economist in Resource Allocation. In 2002, he became the Director of Finance & Accounting at Slovnaft’s subsidiary SLOVNAFT MONTÁŽE A OPRAVY, a.s. In 2006, he became Slovnaft’s Corporate Services Manager. In 2009, he worked for INA in Croatia as Director of Procurement Services, and since January 2010 he has been Vice President of MOL Group’s Corporate Services in Budapest. Since July 2012, he became the Vice President of Downstream at SLOVNAFT, a.s., with responsibilities for the following units: Production, Logistics, Trading, Downstream Sales, Asset Supply & Optimization, Securing Supply & Market Optimization, Securing Supply & Petrochemicals Optimization, Retail, Energy & Heat Production, Optimization of Processes and Project Management. On 1 December 2016, Mr. Szabó was appointed Chief Executive Officer of SLOVNAFT, a.s. and since February 2019 he is a member of MOL Group´s Management Committee.