GLOBSEC Tatra Summit has built a community of top statesmen, high-level private sector representatives, visionaries, experts from the most influential European organisations and academia. See below personalities we’ll have the pleasure to welcome this year. We’ll be adding more, stay tuned for updates!
  • Alena Kudzko
    Alena Kudzko
  • Alexander Resch
    Alexander Resch
  • Ali Aslan
    Ali Aslan
  • Andreas Klugescheid
    Andreas Klugescheid
  • Andrej Doležal
    Andrej Doležal
  • Arkadiy Dobkin
    Arkadiy Dobkin
  • Beata Javorcik
    Beata Javorcik
  • Boštjan Vasle
    Boštjan Vasle
  • Carl Bildt
    Carl Bildt
  • Eduard Heger
    Eduard Heger
  • Eleanor Wragg
    Eleanor Wragg
  • Elsa Pilichowski
    Elsa Pilichowski
  • Georgina Wright
    Georgina Wright
  • Gordon Bajnai
    Gordon Bajnai
  • Ivan Korčok
    Ivan Korčok
  • Ivan Mikloš
    Ivan Mikloš
  • Lilyana Pavlova
    Lilyana Pavlova
  • Linda Zeilina
    Linda Zeilina
  • Maithreyi Seetharaman
    Maithreyi Seetharaman
  • Marcel Klimek
    Marcel Klimek
  • Maria Tadeo
    Maria Tadeo
  • Marta Poślad
    Marta Poślad
  • Mathias Cormann
    Mathias Cormann
  • Naďa Hartmann
    Naďa Hartmann
  • Paul Pasquali
    Paul Pasquali
  • Pavel Mík
    Pavel Mik
  • Peter Kažimír
    Peter Kažimír
  • Pierre Wunsch
    Pierre Wunsch
  • Richard Sulík
    Richard Sulík
  • Róbert Vass
    Róbert Vass
  • Roland Freudenstein
    Roland Freudenstein
  • Soňa Muzikářová
    Soňa Muzikářová
  • Steven Clemons
    Steven Clemons
  • Tara Lindstedt
    Tara Lindstedt
  • Terry Martin
    Terry Martin
  • Vazil Hudák
    Vazil Hudák
  • Wilhelm Molterer
    Wilhelm Molterer