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Policy Outcome: Techno-nationalism: Pursuit to Owning the Future

The past few years have been an indication of the fact that the extent to which a country is powerful and can assert itself or even dominate the international global order seems to be inextricably linked to the country’s abilities to innovate and/or adopt emerging technologies. Two major actors in the theatre of techno-nationalism are the United States and China. The European Union finds itself in a difficult position, being largely dependent on both parties. At this stage, what should be the expectations from the newly formed European Commission to ensure competitiveness of European tech businesses in the increasingly techno-nationalistic framework? Can the EU member-states adopt a unified front to counter the detrimental effects of trade regulations from the US and China? Moreover, what specific measures can governments of Central and Eastern European nations implement to address challenges posed by techno-nationalistic policies? These were the questions the Focus Group addressed.

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