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Lyliana Pavlova’s speech at GLOBSEC European Award 2021 ceremony

Dear Vazil, dear Prime Minister, dear Ministers, dear friends,

On behalf of the European Investment Bank, I would like to thank GLOBSEC very much for this award.

It is an honor and a privilege to be included among the recipients of the GLOBSEC European Award and I am extremely glad that in 2021 this honor is bestowed upon the European Investment Bank.

I am also very glad that the EIB’s hard work and swift reaction to the COVID crisis receive what I believe to be a well-deserved recognition.

Global problems need global solutions, and this is something we understood very quickly at the EIB right after the start of the pandemic.

This is why the EIB prepared a so-called “global response” to the challenge represented by the fight against the pandemic, and we offered a comprehensive set of financial solutions to tackle this challenge.

And since we operate in a significant number of countries outside the European Union, our response was truly available on a global scale.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund have approved more than €56 billion of targeted support for businesses most impacted by the crisis, public health, and delivery of vaccines.

This amount includes, of course, operations within and outside the EU.

But for outside the EU exclusively, we are on track to provide over €5.2 billion of accelerated financing and targeted technical assistance, in order to address the impact of the pandemic.

This amount will be made available for clients in 100 countries as part of the ‘Team Europe’ response to the coronavirus.

Our action will strengthen urgent health investment and help to sustain jobs and livelihoods in sectors most threatened by the economic and social impact of the coronavirus.

Of course, this is not the end of the story, as we will continue to act as a bridge between EU policies and projects on the ground, and to respond to the growing demand for a stronger partnership between Europe and the world.

I can assure you therefore that we will continue to work on supporting EU policies, maximising our impact on the ground, and supporting the green recovery.

I also want to congratulate GLOBSEC for its 10-year anniversary and I believe that it has done a tremendous job over the years, in stimulating dialogue and new ideas about how we can make this world a better place.

And I would encourage GLOBSEC to not forget about other countries along the Danube that have so many things in common with the CEE countries. I am talking of course about Bulgaria and Romania and also about our Western Balkans neighbors. I would encourage GLOBSEC to increase its cooperation with interlocutors from these countries in order to continue expanding the scope of its activities.

Thank you again GLOBSEC for this prize, as well as for the excellent organization of this event, in such a wonderful place as the High Tatras.

Thank you on behalf of all of my colleagues at the EIB!

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