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GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2019 Young Professionals

Tatra Summit Young Professionals (TSYP) project aims to engage young experts in policy-shaping debates concerning the challenges the EU faces on the domestic and global stage. Our participants will benefit from a unique opportunity to improve their professional and networking skills while building connections with senior policymakers and thought leaders. There will also be an opportunity to take part in the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit and contribute to open discussions between key stakeholders on how to shape the political, economic and financial future of Europe.


Participants will be selected through an open call on highly competitive basis. The group will comprise of 10 young analysts, policy-advisors and business specialists, aged between 25-35, with an interest and expertise in the political and economic issues to be discussed at this year’s Tatra Summit.


Successful applicants will play an active role in the Tatra Summit focus groups. Prior to the conference, they will work closely with focus group moderators to prepare a briefing for discussion. This will enable them to delve deeper into the issues related to their specialisation. During the event, they will record the highlights of individual focus group discussions and then help to incorporate them into a policy recommendation, which will be used for further key discussions in the respective areas.

Because TSYP is directly integrated into the conference, it provides participants a great opportunity to get involved in various discussion formats with high-profile politicians, decisionmakers, think tankers, and much more. Participation also offers the opportunity to become part of the GLOBSEC community on a long-term basis. Finally, our successful applicants will be encouraged to spread the word and publish their own take on issues before or after the conference, an activity with the potential for future cooperation between GLOBSEC and its alumni community of young leaders and professionals.

TSYP programme begins with a Welcome dinner on Thursday 10th October, followed by two sessions with leading experts attending GLOBSEC Tatra Summit in the morning on 11th October. TSYP participants will subsequently experience all parts of formal and informal programmes being developed for this year’s Tatra Summit.